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The ePrivacy conference will bring together the Central & Local Government, the NHS, the wider public sector and private sector organisations, to share their strategies for and insights into complying with the new ePrivacy Regulation across the public sector.



Job Titles

Central Government Departments Audit Managers
Local Authorities Communications Directors
Non-Departmental Public Bodies Communications Managers
Private Sector Organisations Compliance Directors
Retail & Banking Organisations Compliance Managers
NHS Trusts Cyber Security Directors
Clinical Commissioning Groups Cyber Security Managers
County Councils Data Directors
District Councils Data Managers
Borough Councils Data Protection Officers
NHS Foundation Trusts Database Managers
Universities Directors of Governance
Crime Sector Governance Managers
and more! Heads of Compliance
Heads of Cyber Security
Heads of Data
Heads of Database
Heads of Governance
Heads of Marketing
Heads of Operations
Heads of Policy
Heads of Privacy
Heads of Risk
Heads of  Communications
Heads of  Information Technology
Information Technology Directors
Information Technology Managers
Directors of Legal
Legal Managers
Marketing Directors
Marketing Managers
Operations Directors
Operations Managers
Policy Directors
Policy Managers
Privacy Directors
Privacy Managers
Risk Managers
Security Managers
and more!