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Sophia Adams Bhatti

Director of Legal & Regulatory Policy
The Law Society (Confirmed)

Sophia is a public policy and regulation expert, having spent over 15 years in the regulatory and policy arena, working across a range of sectors, including legal services, financial services, economic regulation and healthcare. Sophia joined the Law Society in July 2016 where, as the Director, she leads the Society’s legal and regulatory policy team with oversight for policy development across the full breadth of the justice system, engaging with policy makers in government, and partner agencies. Sophia is also a member of the winning team from the recent Online Courts Hackathon, having co-created the digital system known as CoLin.

  • Outlining key changes to the current data protection and privacy landscape
  • Assessing how the new ePrivacy Regulation aligns with the GDPR and the Data Protection Bill
  • Complementing GDPR with a particular focus on electronic communications data and electronics, including mobile devices, processing techniques, data storage, browsers
  • Understanding how do ‘legitimate interest’ provisions of the GDPR interact with the ePrivacy Regulation
  • Outlining whether ‘consent’ in both legislative documents mean the same thing
  • Running a flagship programme on the use of personal data for public services and exploring the impacts on privacy and human rights
  • Looking at the future: how should organisations plot their privacy route while promoting digital transformation?